Fawad Mirzad

Full Stack Web Developer, specializing in Javascript. Read more about me, check out my blog posts or have a look at my experiments where I play with new and interesting frontend technologies.


I am
Fawad Mirad
I live in
Düsseldorf, Germany
I was born in
Kabul, Afghanistan
I work as
Web developer since 2011

Who am i?


I am Fawad, a fullstack web developer, living in Düsseldorf, Germany. I have studied information technology in National Institute of Management and Administration and later on the American University of Afghanistan.


I hav worked as Web developer in DHSA(Development and Humanitarian Services for Afghanistan) for three years and work as Web developer with Arndtteunissen GmbH since 2017 in Düsseldorf, Germany.


I work with major Javascript frameworks, in the workplace we have projects based on React, Vue.js, and Angular. I like the developer experience of React.


We use TYPO3 CMS for almost all website projects in the agency I work, I like the Laravel framework and use it on web apps I develop.

I sometimes work Node.js as well, my favorite Node framework is Express.js.


I love automation and configiure my workflow from coding on computer to staging systems to live.

I work with different CI/CD technologies, containerization technologies and common *nix utilies

Got questions?

Drop me an email or contact me here.