About me

Hey, nice to see you are interested in my profile. Here is a brief explanation of my life and passion. I hope it is interesting enough for you.


I have studied information technology in National Institute of Management and Administration and later on the American University of Afghanistan.

But most of what I know and do today is self-taught, A part of my daily schedule is learning new stuff.


After graduation, I have started to work as a Web developer in Development and Humanitarian Services for Afghanistan (DHSA) and worked there for three years.

I moved to Germany in mid-2015, On January 2017 I I have started to work as frontend developer with arndtteunissen GmbH and am working there now.

My frontend stack:

I work with major Javascript frameworks, in the workplace we have projects based on React, Vue.js, and Angular. I like the developer experience of React.

I switched from Sass to Postcss in July 2018, primarily because of its extensibility and am happily working with it.

My backend stack:

We use TYPO3 CMS for almost all website projects in the agency I work, I like the Laravel framework and use it on web apps I develop.

I sometimes work Node.js as well, my favorite Node framework is Express.js.

About this blog:

This blog is powered by TYPO3. Like most of the websites I develop, this blog does not use any Javascript or CSS framework.

*I work on a redesigned and interactive version of this page. In the meantime here is a boring version of the page.