Hello world blogging, I am back.

After a three-year break with blogging, I have decided to write blog posts again. In this post, I explain why I stopped to blog and why I start it once again.

My experience with blogging

I have started to write blog posts a long time ago. I have been blogging using different platforms. In the middle of 2015 I started to blog often and regularly. On average, I have been posting two times a week and had a satisfying number of visitors.

Why did I stop blogging?

I was addicted to blogging. I have been spending too much time writing blog posts. To concentrate on other things I have stopped blogging.

Why I do it again?

Blogging is a passion for me. I enjoy writing about programming problems I face every day. It helps me find the working solution again and maybe help someone else on the internet. Blogging helps me learn better. While writing a post, I have to research it. I have to learn the topic in depth. And this is a great chance to learn.

How will I continue?

I will write a blog post every two weeks. I specify the number of posts I write, to help me keep a balance between spending too much time writing and not writing at all.

My blogging style

I try to present information in small pieces with a short title and when meaningful in question and answers form. I try to avoid irrelevant information which distracts readers from learning.