Fawad Mirzad

Full Stack Web Developer, specializing in Javascript and PHP.

Read more about me, check out my blog posts or have a look at my experiments where I play with new and interesting frontend technologies.

About me

Here is summary of things I do, visit about page for my detailed biography and technology stack.


I write semantic, accessible, and clean code. I work with React and Vue.js frameworks, have worked with commonly used build systems and toolings.


I work with Node.js and PHP. I work with Laravel framework and TYPO3 cms when I write PHP.  

I am a TCCI and am planning to attend TCCD.


I love automation and configiure my workflow from coding on computer to staging systems to live.

I work with different CI/CD technologies, containerization technologies and common *nix utilies

Contact me

Use the contact form to contact me, you can also send me email at hi@fawmi.com and write me on twitter at @faw__mi